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Operation COVID-19


LAST UPDATED: 7/16/2020


This policy was drafted solely for informational purposes only. NOMAD is following the recommendations of the Ontario Work Place Safety and Prevention Services recently published guidelines document titled,  “Workplace Safety & Prevention Services Guidance on Health and Safety for Retail Sector during COVID-19”.

We are taking some new measures in order to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and for protecting you during your shopping experience in our store.

New controls and recommendations in place regarding shopping with NOMAD:

  • Please continue shopping online to reduce need to enter the shop premises.
  • All customers must wear a mask inside the shop
  • We are open in-store  but limiting the number of people in the store at any one time. We will be restricting the number of customers per square metre — for example, one customer per 4 square metres (43 square feet) — to ensure physical distancing of 2 metres at all times.
  • All customers and employees must maintain 6 feet or 2 meters between themselves and another person in order to practice effective social distancing
  • All employees and visitors to the shop must use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, before entering the shop, after contact with others, or with surfaces others have touched. Hand sanitizer will be provided at the front of the shop – you will be required to use hand sanitizer if you wish to enter the shop.
  • All employees have been trained on possible COVID-19 transmission points in the workplace, what steps are being taken to protect them, and how they can protect themselves, including frequent hand washing or sanitizing, and not touching their face.
  • All work surfaces, order screens, debit machines, cash registers, and equipment are cleaned after each use. Hand sanitizer will be provided immediately at the front entrance for visitors to use upon entry
  • All employees must wash their hands before breaks, at shift changes, after making or receiving deliveries.

Other ways NOMAD is minimizing  contact with customers and maintaining a safe distance while handling goods and taking payment that may include:

  • We will not be accepting cash until further notice. We can offer contactless payment options such as tap, credit and debit and e-transfer options.
  • We not accept re-usable bags or containers to be used
  • We will be paying particular attention to frequently touched surfaces and common areas, such as entrances, door handles, counters and products and sanitizing these areas and items often with a disinfectant
  • There will only be one employee in the shop at any given time.
  • We will screen workers regularly for health issues. If anyone develops symptoms of COVID-19, implement procedures for reporting the illness and keeping the worker away from others.

Thank you for your support during these uncertain times.